Why Us

What We Do

Since its founding in 1982, Printing Plus has had a reputation for excellence in the industry. We’re proud to offer the Greek community, colleges and universities, honor societies, and businesses with the highest quality personalized certificates, customized membership cards, fraternal awards and charters, and more.

What We Believe

We believe that you deserve top quality products, with guaranteed delivery deadlines, along with thoughtful, attentive customer service, and no upfront costs—ever. Our pricing is highly competitive, and our knowledgeable sales team will help you determine what works best for your budget.

About Our Products

Our plastic membership cards, personalized certificates, custom charters and more are created on printing presses that we manage, so we know what goes in, and we know how it looks when your job is complete. To help achieve the product you envision, we’ll take your design work electronically in any format that works best for you.

Our Commitment

We want you to be completely satisfied with your printing project and our service, and we commit to providing you with a risk-free experience. That’s why we guarantee the performance that’s promised in your contract. Our lights don’t go out until our work is done. You’ll receive an email confirmation with detailed shipping dates, and you can expect your items in about two weeks or less.

Special Awards

We like to thank our customers for trusting us with their printing needs by offering a discount on special awards. We work with you and within your budget to produce these special awards.

We're here to help

We are honored to claim the lowest error ratio in the industry, but if you any questions or concerns, we invite you to call our toll-free support line or email Printing Plus. We will respond to you immediately with answers and solutions to any problems that arise. Call us toll-free at 1-888-359-9635 or email info@printing-plus.net.

With a tradition that dates back to 1982 you can feel secure knowing we’ll be around to serve your needs in the future as well. We look forward to working with you and sincerely appreciate your trust in Printing Plus.

Types of Printing


Engraved printed items have an air of sophistication and handcrafted distinction. The raised design adds texture and polish in each letter or logo.


Often seen on invitations, certificates and letterheads, this approach has a raised graphic like engraving, but because it’s created with heat-activated resinous powder, it also has a beautifully glossy finish.


If you’re looking for a minimalist, even subtle, look, maybe for stationery monograms, you might consider embossing. The raised image is created by pressing paper onto a copper plate, but does not use ink, so it leaves visual depth, with a bit of timeless class.


This type of printing originated in the 15th century and is seen as a unique art form. Graphics and text are pressed into paper with ink, creating a three-dimensional feel. This works best with richly colored printing on heavier paper.

Foil Stamping

Add a bit of glitz and glamour with the metallic details of foil stamping. In this process, foil material is heated and stamped onto the paper. Popular colors are gold, silver and rose gold, but you can choose from a variety of colors to make it your own.

Digital Printing

Our high-quality digital printing can create beautifully detailed text and images. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, digital printing is an idea choice that still looks outstanding.

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